Name Description Unlock level Villain
At Home in Humphreydale Formerly a picturesque suburb, troublemakers and maniacs have crept into Humphreydale in the last few months. It is rumored that someone wants to lower land prices. You’ve decided to clean up this neighbourhood and restore its former glory. But where to start? level 0 The Joker
Dirty Town Centre A blight of urban non-renewal, this inner-city district is the source of all of Humphreydale’s ills. But what could be causing the migration of the punks and drunks from here to the burbs? level 10 C3-D2
Centre of Granbury Ever since the Shoppingtown shopping centre has opened up, Granbury’s town centre is no longer the linchpin of the small metropolis. But it is still a shining beacon of commerce and consumption. The usual crowd of maniacs and dirt bags is hanging around. Let’s hope they don’t bother you in your investigations. level 20 General Bombman
State Capitol State Capitol, where the parking laws are being enacted and the tickets are filed away properly! You get dizzy with excitement just thinking about loads of clerks dealing with queries, and all the mid-level bureaucrats devising new ways to justify their own existence. But you have work to do and a lead to follow. level 30 The Avenging Avenger
Switzerland Switzerland, the obvious home for an evil multi-national corporation such as Yoyodyne! This hilly country, lying just a little east of Canada, has been the harbour of wicked financial transactions since the age of Charlemagne. Time to tackle these guys on their home turf! level 40 The Quantum Physicist
The Big Crumble The Big Crumble! You’ve reached the Big Leagues, but are they ready for you? The megalopolis holds many mysteries and opportunities, and it’s bursting at the seams with ordinary Joes and bad guys alike! It’s a big task to clean up a city this size, but maybe, you can keep Yoyodyne at bay here, and make a lasting impression of yourself! level 50 Dark Father
Yoyo Island Superheroes need to take some time off for holidays every now and then: Sun, beach, ocean and a cold vanilla milk. Welcome to Yoyo Island! But sadly appearances can be deceiving, for the volcano on the island spits thick clouds of smoke and the smell of Yoyodyne crimes is in the air! What could this possibly mean? level 70 Professor Obnoxious
Gamble City Gamble City - The place to feast away the night and gamble away your coins. The problem: Not only Yoyodyne muscles in, but also that mean Donut Association. Clear up things a bit! level 90 The Godfather
Sillycon Valley Overworked workaholics and fulltime nerds as far as the eye can see! Wherever you go, you run into needy Segway nerds and wicked high-tech henchmen. Help wherever you can! Oh and Jeff lives here! level 110 Mastermind
Paris f:a heroine] with a blowing cape mounts the iFail Tower ... or at least the observation deck ... and declare war on them! level 130 None